This class is the specific implementation of PandasFramePartitionManager using Dask as the execution engine. This class is responsible for partition manipulation and applying a funcion to block/row/column partitions.

Public API

class modin.engines.dask.pandas_on_dask.frame.partition_manager.PandasOnDaskFramePartitionManager

The class implements the interface in PandasFramePartitionManager.

classmethod broadcast_apply(axis, apply_func, left, right, other_name='r')

Broadcast the right partitions to left and apply apply_func function.

  • axis ({0, 1}) – Axis to apply and broadcast over.

  • apply_func (callable) – Function to apply.

  • left (np.ndarray) – NumPy array of left partitions.

  • right (np.ndarray) – NumPy array of right partitions.

  • other_name (str, default: "r") – Name of key-value argument for apply_func that is used to pass right to apply_func.


NumPy array of result partition objects.

Return type


classmethod get_indices(axis, partitions, index_func)

Get the internal indices stored in the partitions.

  • axis ({0, 1}) – Axis to extract the labels over.

  • partitions (np.ndarray) – The array of partitions from which need to extract the labels.

  • index_func (callable) – The function to be used to extract the indices.


A pandas Index object.

Return type



These are the global indices of the object. This is mostly useful when you have deleted rows/columns internally, but do not know which ones were deleted.