1. Contributing

1.1. Getting Started

If you’re interested in getting involved in the development of Modin, but aren’t sure where start, take a look at the issues tagged Good first issue or Documentation. These are issues that would be good for getting familiar with the codebase and better understanding some of the more complex components of the architecture. There is documentation here about the architecture that you will want to review in order to get started.

Also, feel free to join the discussions on the developer mailing list.

1.2. Development Dependencies

We recommend doing development in a virtualenv, though this decision is ultimately yours. You will want to run the following in order to install all of the required dependencies for running the tests and formatting the code:

pip install -U black flake8 pytest feather-format lxml openpyxl \
    xlrd numpy matplotlib --ignore-installed

1.3. Code Formatting and Lint

We use black for code formatting. Before you submit a pull request, please make sure that you run the following from the project root:

black modin/

We also use flake8 to check linting errors. Running the following from the project root will ensure that it passes the lint checks on Travis:

flake8 .

We test that this has been run on our Travis CI test suite. If you do this and find that the tests are still failing, try updating your version of black and flake8.

1.4. Adding a test

If you find yourself fixing a bug or adding a new feature, don’t forget to add a test to the test suite to verify its correctness! More on testing and the layout of the tests can be found in our testing documentation. We ask that you follow the existing structure of the tests for ease of maintenance.

1.5. Running the tests

To run the entire test suite, run the following from the project root:

pytest modin/pandas/test

The test suite is very large, and may take a long time if you run every test. If you’ve only modified a small amount of code, it may be sufficient to run a single test or some subset of the test suite. In order to run a specific test run:

pytest modin/pandas/test::test_new_functionality

The entire test suite is automatically run for each pull request.

1.6. Contributing a new execution framework or in-memory format

If you are interested in contributing support for a new execution framework or in-memory format, please make sure you understand the architecture of Modin.

The best place to start the discussion for adding a new execution framework or in-memory format is the developer mailing list.

More docs on this coming soon…