The class is base for any axis partition class and serves as the last level on which operations that were conveyed from the partition manager are being performed on an entire column or row.

The class provides an API that has to be overridden by the child classes in order to manipulate on a list of block partitions (making up column or row partition) they store.

The procedures that use this class and its methods assume that they have some global knowledge about the entire axis. This may require the implementation to use concatenation or append on the list of block partitions.

The PandasFramePartitionManager object that controls these objects (through the API exposed here) has an invariant that requires that this object is never returned from a function. It assumes that there will always be PandasFramePartition object stored and structures itself accordingly.

Public API


The class is base for any axis partition class of pandas backend.

Subclasses must implement list_of_blocks which represents data wrapped by the PandasFramePartition objects and creates something interpretable as a pandas DataFrame.

See modin.engines.ray.pandas_on_ray.axis_partition.PandasOnRayFrameAxisPartition for an example on how to override/use this class when the implementation needs to be augmented.

Public API