We hope your experience with Modin is bug-free, but there are some quirks about Modin that may require troubleshooting.

Frequently encountered issues

This is a list of the most frequently encountered issues when using Modin. Some of these are working as intended, while others are known bugs that are being actively worked on.

Error During execution: ArrowIOError: Broken Pipe

One of the more frequently encountered issues is an ArrowIOError: Broken Pipe. This error can happen in a couple of different ways. One of the most common ways this is encountered is from pressing CTRL + C sending a KeyboardInterrupt to Modin. In Ray, when a KeyboardInterrupt is sent, Ray will shutdown. This causes the ArrowIOError: Broken Pipe because there is no longer an available plasma store for working on remote tasks. This is working as intended, as it is not yet possible in Ray to kill a task that has already started computation.

The other common way this Error is encountered is to let your computer go to sleep. As an optimization, Ray will shutdown whenever the computer goes to sleep. This will result in the same issue as above, because there is no longer a running instance of the plasma store.


Retart your interpreter or notebook kernel.

Avoiding this Error

Avoid using KeyboardInterrupt and keeping your notebook or terminal running while your machine is asleep. If you do KeyboardInterrupt, you must restart the kernel or interpreter.

Error during execution: ArrowInvalid: Maximum size exceeded (2GB)

Encountering this issue means that the limits of the Arrow plasma store have been exceeded by the partitions of your data. This can be encountered during shuffling data or operations that require multiple datasets. This will only affect extremely large DataFrames, and can potentially be worked around by setting the number of partitions. This error is being actively worked on and should be resolved in a future release.


import modin.pandas as pd

This will set the number of partitions to a higher count, and reduce the size in each. If this does not work for you, please open an issue.

Hanging on import modin.pandas as pd

This can happen when Ray fails to start. It will keep retrying, but often it is faster to just restart the notebook or interpreter. Generally, this should not happen. Most commonly this is encountered when starting multiple notebooks or interpreters in quick succession.


Restart your interpreter or notebook kernel.

Avoiding this Error

Avoid starting many Modin notebooks or interpreters in quick succession. Wait 2-3 seconds before starting the next one.