Generic Unidist-based members#

Objects which are storage format agnostic but require specific Unidist implementation are placed in modin.core.execution.unidist.generic.

Their purpose is to implement certain parallel I/O operations and to serve as a foundation for building storage format specific objects:


Base class for doing I/O operations over unidist.

class modin.core.execution.unidist.generic.partitioning.GenericUnidistDataframePartitionManager#

The class implements the interface in PandasDataframePartitionManager.

classmethod to_numpy(partitions, **kwargs)#

Convert partitions into a NumPy array.

  • partitions (NumPy array) – A 2-D array of partitions to convert to local NumPy array.

  • **kwargs (dict) – Keyword arguments to pass to each partition .to_numpy() call.

Return type:

NumPy array