PyarrowQueryCompiler is responsible for compiling efficient Dataframe algebra queries for the PyarrowOnRayDataframe, the frames which are backed by pyarrow.Table objects.

Each PyarrowQueryCompiler contains an instance of PyarrowOnRayDataframe which it queries to get the result.

Public API#

PyarrowQueryCompiler implements common query compilers API defined by the BaseQueryCompiler. Most functionalities are inherited from PandasQueryCompiler, in the following section only overridden methods are presented.

class modin.experimental.core.storage_formats.pyarrow.query_compiler.PyarrowQueryCompiler(modin_frame, shape_hint=None)#

Bases: PandasQueryCompiler

Query compiler for the PyArrow storage format.

This class translates common query compiler API into the DataFrame Algebra queries, that is supposed to be executed by PyarrowOnRayDataframe.

  • modin_frame (PyarrowOnRayDataframe) – Modin Frame to query with the compiled queries.

  • shape_hint ({"row", "column", None}, default: None) – Shape hint for frames known to be a column or a row, otherwise None.

property dtypes#

Get columns dtypes.


Series with dtypes of each column.

Return type


property lazy_execution#

Whether underlying Modin frame should be executed in a lazy mode.

If True, such QueryCompiler will be handled differently at the front-end in order to reduce triggering the computation as much as possible.

Return type