Modin Usage Examples#

This section shows Modin usage examples in different scenarios like Modin on a local/remote cluster, the use of Modin spreadsheet.


The following tutorials cover the basic usage of Modin. Here is a one hour video tutorial that walks through these basic exercises.

The following tutorials covers more advanced features in Modin:

How to get required dependencies for the tutorial notebooks and to run them please refer to the respective file.

Data Science Benchmarks#

  • Using Modin with the NYC Taxi Dataset [Source]

  • Using Modin with the Census Dataset (coming soon…)

  • Using Modin with the Plasticc Dataset (coming soon…)

Modin Spreadsheets#

  • Using Modin along with the Spreadsheets API [Source]

Modin with scikit-learn#

  • Modin for Machine Learning with scikit-learn [Source]