pd.DataFrame supported APIsΒΆ

The following table lists both implemented and not implemented methods. If you have need of an operation that is listed as not implemented, feel free to open an issue on the GitHub repository, or give a thumbs up to already created issues. Contributions are also welcome!

The following table is structured as follows: The first column contains the method name. The second column is a flag for whether or not there is an implementation in Modin for the method in the left column. Y stands for yes, N stands for no, P stands for partial (meaning some parameters may not be supported yet), and D stands for default to pandas.

DataFrame method pandas Doc link Implemented? (Y/N/P/D) Notes for Current implementation
T T Y  
abs abs Y  
add add Y Shuffles data in operations between DataFrames
add_prefix add_prefix Y  
add_suffix add_suffix Y  
agg / aggregate agg / aggregate P
  • Dictionary func parameter defaults to pandas
  • Numpy operations default to pandas
align align D  
all all Y  
any any Y  
append append Y  
apply apply Y See agg
applymap applymap Y  
as_blocks as_blocks D Becomes a non-parallel object
as_matrix as_matrix D Becomes a non-parallel object
asfreq asfreq D  
asof asof Y  
assign assign Y  
astype astype Y  
at at Y  
at_time at_time Y  
axes axes Y  
between_time between_time Y  
bfill bfill Y  
blocks blocks D  
bool bool Y  
boxplot boxplot D  
clip clip Y  
clip_lower clip_lower Y  
clip_upper clip_upper Y  
combine combine Y  
combine_first combine_first Y  
compare compare Y  
copy copy Y  
corr corr Y Correlation floating point precision may slightly differ from pandas. For now pearson method is available only. For other methods defaults to pandas.
corrwith corrwith D  
count count Y  
cov cov Y Covariance floating point precision may slightly differ from pandas.
cummax cummax Y  
cummin cummin Y  
cumprod cumprod Y  
cumsum cumsum Y  
describe describe Y  
diff diff Y  
div div Y See add
divide divide Y See add
dot dot Y  
drop drop Y  
droplevel droplevel Y  
drop_duplicates drop_duplicates D  
dropna dropna Y  
dtypes dtypes Y  
duplicated duplicated Y  
empty empty Y  
eq eq Y See add
equals equals Y Requires shuffle, can be further optimized
eval eval Y  
ewm ewm D  
expanding expanding D  
explode explode D  
ffill ffill Y  
fillna fillna P value parameter of type DataFrame defaults to pandas
filter filter Y  
first first Y  
first_valid_index first_valid_index Y  
floordiv floordiv Y See add
from_dict from_dict D  
from_items from_items Y  
from_records from_records D  
ftypes ftypes Y  
ge ge Y See add
get get Y  
groupby groupby Y Not yet optimized for all operations
gt gt Y See add
head head Y  
hist hist D  
iat iat Y  
idxmax idxmax Y  
idxmin idxmin Y  
iloc iloc Y  
infer_objects infer_objects D  
info info Y  
insert insert Y  
interpolate interpolate D  
isin isin Y  
isna isna Y  
isnull isnull Y  
items items Y  
iteritems iteritems P Modin does not parallelize iteration in Python
iterrows iterrows P Modin does not parallelize iteration in Python
itertuples itertuples P Modin does not parallelize iteration in Python
join join P When on is set to right or outer it defaults to pandas
keys keys Y  
kurt kurt Y  
kurtosis kurtosis Y  
last last Y  
last_valid_index last_valid_index Y  
le le Y See add
loc loc Y We do not support: boolean array, callable
lookup lookup D  
lt lt Y See add
mad mad Y  
mask mask D  
max max Y  
mean mean Y  
median median Y  
melt melt Y  
memory_usage memory_usage Y  
merge merge P Implemented the following cases: left_index=True and right_index=True, how=left and how=inner for all values of parameters except left_index=True and right_index=False or left_index=False and right_index=True. Defaults to pandas otherwise.
min min Y  
mod mod Y  
mode mode Y  
mul mul Y See add
multiply multiply Y See add
ndim ndim Y  
ne ne Y See add
nlargest nlargest Y  
notna notna Y  
notnull notnull Y  
nsmallest nsmallest Y  
nunique nunique Y  
pct_change pct_change D  
pipe pipe Y  
pivot pivot Y  
pivot_table pivot_table Y  
plot plot D  
pop pop Y  
pow pow Y See add
prod prod Y  
product product Y  
quantile quantile Y  
query query P Local variables not yet supported
radd radd Y See add
rank rank Y  
rdiv rdiv Y See add
reindex reindex Y Shuffles data
reindex_like reindex_like D  
rename rename Y  
rename_axis rename_axis Y  
reorder_levels reorder_levels Y  
replace replace Y  
resample resample Y  
reset_index reset_index Y  
rfloordiv rfloordiv Y See add
rmod rmod Y See add
rmul rmul Y See add
rolling rolling Y  
round round Y  
rpow rpow Y See add
rsub rsub Y See add
rtruediv rtruediv Y See add
sample sample Y  
select_dtypes select_dtypes Y  
sem sem Y  
set_axis set_axis Y  
set_index set_index Y  
shape shape Y  
shift shift Y  
size size Y  
skew skew Y  
slice_shift slice_shift Y  
sort_index sort_index Y  
sort_values sort_values Y Shuffles data
sparse sparse N  
squeeze squeeze Y  
stack stack Y  
std std Y  
style style D  
sub sub Y See add
subtract subtract Y See add
sum sum Y  
swapaxes swapaxes Y  
swaplevel swaplevel Y  
tail tail Y  
take take Y  
to_clipboard to_clipboard D  
to_csv to_csv Y  
to_dense to_dense D  
to_dict to_dict D  
to_excel to_excel D  
to_feather to_feather D  
to_gbq to_gbq D  
to_hdf to_hdf D  
to_html to_html D  
to_json to_json D  
to_latex to_latex D  
to_msgpack to_msgpack D  
to_parquet to_parquet D  
to_period to_period D  
to_pickle to_pickle D  
to_records to_records D  
to_sparse to_sparse D  
to_sql to_sql Y  
to_stata to_stata D  
to_string to_string D  
to_timestamp to_timestamp D  
to_xarray to_xarray D  
transform transform Y  
transpose transpose Y  
truediv truediv Y See add
truncate truncate Y  
tshift tshift Y  
tz_convert tz_convert Y  
tz_localize tz_localize Y  
unstack unstack Y  
update update Y  
values values Y  
value_counts value_counts D  
var var Y  
where where Y