pandas Utilities Supported

If you import modin.pandas as pd the following operations are available from pd.<op>, e.g. pd.concat. If you do not see an operation that pandas enables and would like to request it, feel free to open an issue. Make sure you tell us your primary use-case so we can make it happen faster!

The following table is structured as follows: The first column contains the method name. The second column is a flag for whether or not there is an implementation in Modin for the method in the left column. Y stands for yes, N stands for no, P stands for partial (meaning some parameters may not be supported yet), and D stands for default to pandas.

Utility method Modin Implementation? (Y/N/P/D) Notes for Current implementation
pd.concat Y  
pd.eval Y  
pd.unique Y  
pd.value_counts Y The indices order of resulting object may differ from pandas.
pd.cut D  
pd.to_numeric D  
pd.factorize D  
pd.qcut D  
pd.match D  
pd.to_datetime D  
pd.get_dummies Y  
pd.date_range D  
pd.bdate_range D  
pd.to_timedelta D  
pd.options Y  
pd.datetime D  

Other objects & structures

This list is a list of objects not currently distributed by Modin. All of these objects are compatible with the distributed components of Modin. If you are interested in contributing a distributed version of any of these objects, feel free to open a pull request.

  • Panel
  • Index
  • MultiIndex
  • CategoricalIndex
  • DatetimeIndex
  • Timedelta
  • Timestamp
  • NaT
  • PeriodIndex
  • Categorical
  • Interval
  • UInt8Dtype
  • UInt16Dtype
  • UInt32Dtype
  • UInt64Dtype
  • SparseDtype
  • Int8Dtype
  • Int16Dtype
  • Int32Dtype
  • Int64Dtype
  • CategoricalDtype
  • DatetimeTZDtype
  • IntervalDtype
  • PeriodDtype
  • RangeIndex
  • Int64Index
  • UInt64Index
  • Float64Index
  • TimedeltaIndex
  • IntervalIndex
  • IndexSlice
  • TimeGrouper
  • Grouper
  • array
  • Period
  • DateOffset
  • ExcelWriter
  • SparseArray
  • SparseSeries
  • SparseDataFrame